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Fat Sat's Bar & Grill Logo2

Our logo incorporates a likeness of Sat at age 17, when he was growing up in the speakeasy times of the 1920’s.

(Legit since 2009!)

We are the Trujillo and Chavez Families.

We have lived in the Rio Abajo area of New Mexico for many generations.

The name "Fat Sat’s" comes from our Grandpa, Saturnino Trujillo.

Back in his day, friends and family of Saturnino Trujillo, just called him"Sat". Grandpa Sat, came of age in the roaring '20s, which we always thought was fascinating. We heard plenty of stories about prohibition era,which lasted from 1920-1933  and what life was like in the era of Chicago gangsters. Which, of course we found fascinating. 


Most intriguing, was the creation of the SPEAKEASY.  

Speakeasy Bars were run behind closed doors and would not be entered without a secret password. They offered exclusive cocktails and food menu items in a restricted environment that is only accessible to a few. The word “speakeasy” came from a bartender’s term: people were supposed to “speak easy” when at a bar, meaning not to draw any suspicion towards buying alcoholic beverages by looking nervous or talking quickly.

As proud descendents, we continue to pay tribute to "Fat Sat" and those of his generation, through the continued care for this family business that carries his name.

Small Town Place.  Big City Taste! 
Established in 2009, Inside the restaurant you will find larger-than-life murals, all hand-painted by world famous artist Michael Ostaski.


Our murals include an old Chicago scene, Babe Ruth and Robert Di Niro. The speakeasy style, designed by the Trujillos, is truly unique and gives the dining room a sense of the old Chicago gangster era of the 1920's


Fat Sat’s Bar and Grill features two levels. We have two patios on site. 


Our bar is equipped with 3 bars and over 19 flat screen TV’s. The best place to view any of your favorite sporting events.


We have the facilities to customize any catered event or party. Call us for more information at (505)864-7715.

Fat Sat’s Bar and Grill is locally owned and operated.

Fat Sat's Bar and Grill
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